A curious case of manufactured outrage

This last year and a half, and especially, last few months have been really unsettling. This started with the monsoon session, which, like Mumbai rains, was a total washout. There were 3 main narratives used by the opposition and exacerbated by the Main Stream Media (aka MSM), which were, Vyapam Scam (an almost 10 year old scam), Vasundhra Raje’s complicity in helping Lalit Modi (unproven) & farmer suicides (a perpetual phenomenon in India). While none of this was path breaking, however, the narrative created around these issues was so big that it gave Congress, enough material to beat up the government. So much so that 2 of the most important bills, GST & Land Acquisition could not even be debated in Rajya Sabha. Just after the session ended, these issues were taken off screen and now, nobody has even the remotest idea about what the status is. In other words, the issues have been conveniently put on the back burner, to be taken up again at an opportune time.

Fast forward by a couple of months, there was another beast in making, called Bihar Elections. There were several permutations-combinations of political alliances formed/broken and eventually, only two survived, NDA & the so called opportunist ‘Mahagathbandhan’. Moreover, it’s not a secret that the biggest vote share in Bihar is that of minorities/dalits/OBCs etc. NDA entered the arena with its time tested agenda of development and a win here would’ve meant a rebalance in RS. However, the secular parties felt the heat and had to come up with something quick. Now, I’m not claiming that all the incidents happened in recent time were manufactured, but, the timing is surely debatable. Anyway, the bigger point here is, the way in which these isolated incidents were blown out of proportion tells a different tale altogether. Frankly, I’m not even going to condemn an incident like Dadri lynching because I’ve become apathetic (thanks to the MSM). In any case, feeling sad about each and every incident would leave me in a permanent state of loathing because something of this nature happens everyday all over the world. But this is not the point I’m trying to make. There are actually larger geopolitical forces at work here and we need to examine them closely.

For starters, West has always tried to maintain its hegemony through one way or the other. In olden times, it was a direct colonialism or military confrontations, however, with the advent of global economies, the focus shifted on financial authority. There is a well defined modus-operandi. Just target the non-favoring regime in a country and install the one which is more favorable. There are several examples where this has been successfully accomplished at some point in time, for instance, Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran etc. India poses a challenge in the sense that we are a democracy. So, a direct installation of a puppet regime is not a possibility. If this is the case, what is the best way to achieve this goal? No points for guessing that it’s to manipulate people perception, who are the voters in a democracy. How does one achieve this? By simply actively engaging with the local media to build up a “suitable” narrative. Why would the local media oblige? Well, because of the money, International glory involved, not to mention, plum positions in foreign universities, and, acceptance of their kids/relatives in top universities.

So far, we’ve established that why and how the narrative is manufactured. The next big question is, how is it actually used? All these manufactured outrages are used to generate ‘atrocity literature’. So for instance, the Dadri incident would be used to highlight the plight of minorities, burning of Dalit kids in Haryana would be used to highlight plight of Dalits and Casteism in Hindu society. However, the biggest traction is being obtained via the ‘award wapsi drama’, where the so called “intellectuals” claim that there is rising intolerance, hence they are returning awards. This is picked up by MSM and a narrative of curb on ‘freedom of speech’ is being created. Then, more 2 cent writers quote this narrative and return their awards. Circular logic? If one actually goes into the original incidents themselves, Dadri lynching happened in UP, law & order being a state subject, should’ve been attributed to SP government, however, it is somehow being linked to NDA led government at the center. Burning of Dalit kids happened in Haryana, where Rajputs were accused of this crime. Granted that it is a BJP ruled state, there was a recent forensic investigation report that attributed the cause of fire from within the room and not an outside source. The manufactured controversy of Beef ban takes the cake. There was a ruling in 1955, which allowed states to formulate their own laws to deal with cow slaughter and sale of beef. Hence, most of the states have enacted their own laws, however, it is now being attributed to the NDA government as if the ban was imposed just last year. I probably digressed here a bit but it was important to put things in proper context. Once the atrocity literature is prepared, it is fed into the well oiled machinery of organizations such as USCIRF, UNHRC etc. These organization then release reports on various parameters, for instance, religious freedom, human rights violations for a specific country (mostly Asian & African). These reports are in turn, used by the various governments (mostly Western) to shape up their foreign policies, private organizations such as Moody’s to give their diktat on conditions favoring/disfavoring business, and, quoted by left-leaning “liberals” while making a case for rise of intolerance (more circular logic). The extreme form of “punishment”, a country could face is unilateral economic sanctions and blockades against it.

Now, one might argue as to why would foreign forces do this to us, considering that we don’t wish them harm, and, they are our friends. Sure, but this is not how everybody in the west thinks. Remember the global hegemony dream we talked about earlier? They want to tap India’s huge market to dump their manufactured goods, while outsourcing low end service jobs. Any increase in our manufacturing capabilities (defense and other areas), or, indigenous high-tech research in various fields is detrimental to their economic sustenance. The only country to ever have escaped from their hegemony is China, which has them by the balls now. The only other country with a similar potential besides China, is India. The West is well aware that the NDA government, with it’s massive mandate is in a position to bring about reforms in various sectors that can potentially be a game changer. Hence, the “sleeper-cells” of MSM “terrorists” have been activated to run a sustained and relentless campaign against Modi and his government. Of course, the other political parties are willing to play ball since it gives them sufficient political mileage. I’ve also often heard people say that this really doesn’t affect them in their day to day activities, so why should they bother to call out the bluff of MSM and “liberals”? Well sure, for now and short term future, this doesn’t really affect a majority of us, however, in the long term, this is going to have an adverse affect on the economy of the country, hence, on the future generations. Lastly, people also make a case that had Modi spoken up about these specific incidents and condemned them in unequivocal terms, things would not have gone this far. I strongly disagree to this point of view since given the larger picture in the scheme of things, this propaganda machinery would never stop. There would be one controversy after another. The only way to fix this is to bring about a change in ‘national narrative’ to include debates that actually matter, which is essentially about the prosperity and growth. The manufactured outrages & fear mongering has to give way and it’s about time that we reclaim the narrative.

3 thoughts on “A curious case of manufactured outrage

  1. India a nice system with extremely complex dynamics. For 60 years, it was forcibly kept to the left of things – which is not it’s natural state. I believe the centre is. The shift to the right is inevitable as this complex system seeks it’s own equilibrium. Things will settle down – and we’ll find our own unique centre. The intellectual and political forces which covertly introduced and sustained the bias are now suddenly feeling lost ground – and therefore are crying themselves hoarse.

    One of the most ironic things is: they cry on the loss of freedom of speech … on television ! Why are these intellectuals, artists, scientists not able to see this immediate irony.


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